A couple of recent portraits
posted: March 22, 2010
Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld for Nicholas Blechman at the NY Times Book Review.
The late Howard Zinn for Rethinking Schools cover, AD Patrick Flynn.
Victor Juhasz March 22, 2010
2 beautiful, sensitive drawings.
Brian Stauffer March 22, 2010
So nice. The eyes on Zinn are just so right on the money.
Rob Dunlavey March 23, 2010
Applefeld's hat makes it sing.
Hal Mayforth March 23, 2010
Outstanding, Joe. Your use of color draws the viewer right to Zinn's eyes.
Hanoch Piven March 23, 2010
Appelfeld is dead on! Wonderful Joe.
randy enos March 23, 2010
All us old guys wear those hats. These are great. Can't wait to get my Rethinking in the mail so I can see your luscious cover in the flesh. Oh darn...I was hoping my security word was "greeklid' or something.
Peter Cusack March 23, 2010
Joe Ciardiello March 23, 2010
Thanks for the comments. Randy, when you get your issue the color may look a bit washed out... the editors had an issue with his red nose.
Mark Fisher March 23, 2010
I just want to pinch the cheeks on those old guys, Nice!
David Gothard March 23, 2010
I'm with Stauff, so much humanity in those eyes. Nice work.
Leo Espinosa March 24, 2010
I keep coming back to look at Aharon Appelfeld's fantastic hat!
Robert Saunders March 24, 2010
Excellent, Joe!
Victor Juhasz March 24, 2010
Having seen you last night at the SVA forum, it reminded me to tell you that you should post more often. The drawings are such a pleasure to look at.
Drew Friedman March 24, 2010
These are really nice. I always love your stuff.
Lou Beach March 24, 2010
Always recognize and appreciate your work, rate!
jason walton March 26, 2010
Haven't seen your work for many years; just realized how much your work has seeped into my caricatures - the spare use of color in particular. Appelfeld's gaze is especially alive. Great, great work Joe.
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