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posted: April 22, 2010
Here's a Mark Twain I did a little while back for Humanities magazine. It was for an article about an infamous toast Twain gave at a dinner where drinks were flowing freely. Among the distinguished guests he insulted were, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Oliver Wendell Holmes.
Yuko April 22, 2010
All these beautiful Twains. Now I feel like I am the only one who didn't get Twain commissioned :-b Missed my steamboat!!
Victor Juhasz April 22, 2010
A beaut. It's nice to see a portrait of Twain before the hair went white.
TBower April 23, 2010
So that's where all that restrained Ciardiello color goes,... it gets pent up and explodes every so often on one piece. This one wears it nicely. (Great expression on Emerson, he's definitely getting pissed.)
Daniel Pelavin April 23, 2010
What stunning color Joe!
Drew Friedman April 23, 2010
Love it.
Jody Hewgill April 23, 2010
Nice portrait, and great colours. I also love Emerson's expression.
john cuneo April 23, 2010
Love the way you incorporate the background likenesses with such simple authority and how your writing always feels like a natural extension of the drawing.
Barry Blitt April 23, 2010
Fierce looking Twain, Joe; love it. Emerson appears to need to excuse himself and attend to his sideburns.
Robert Saunders April 23, 2010
Another bloody great drawing, Joe. Crackers, what a wizard!
Don Coker July 27, 2010
Great stuff, Joe! You got to the core... again.
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