TIME 100
posted: May 4, 2010
A few from a series of portraits for Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People issue. The categories were Leaders, Artists, Thinkers and Heroes.
The issue was mostly photos with some of my portraits as tiny spots to break things up. The drawings are pretty straight, but I was happy to get the assignment. AD Chrissy Dunleavy guided things along smoothly....
Kyle T Webster May 4, 2010
I'll go find an issue so I can see the rest of these.
Harry May 4, 2010
You're the man for this one, nice. BTW-I own you Heads for Haiti piece.
Marc May 4, 2010
I was admiring these the other day, Joe. What a terrific series.
Tim OBrien May 4, 2010
Good to see hand drawn art in Time Magazine. Great work as always.
Mark Fisher May 4, 2010
But wonderfully straight!
Joe Ciardiello May 4, 2010
Thanks for the comments and Harry, thanks for buying my Haiti head.
Victor Juhasz May 4, 2010
You did a smack up job for TIME. Love the portraits. I envy your ability to know where, and how much, to apply the blacks.
Stephen Kroninger May 4, 2010
Great work, Joe.
David Plunkert May 4, 2010
Very very Nice.
Adam McCauley May 4, 2010
Beautiful drawings, Joe! Paradiddles, press rolls and polyrythms - in ink.
Shout May 5, 2010
Love them all!
peter cusack May 5, 2010
Roberto Parada May 5, 2010
Nice work Joe, It's good to see illustration portraiture alive at Time.
Hal Mayforth May 5, 2010
As soon as I opened Time this week, my eye gravitated right to these. Well done, Joe.
Dale Stephanos May 5, 2010
Wicked good series Joe!
Robert Saunders May 5, 2010
Wonderful portraits, Joe.
Jody Hewgill May 5, 2010
We received our issue yesterday, and I was stunned at how many you did and how wonderful they all are. Nicely done and... Nice package Joe !!! I've been dying to write that all day :-)
Hanoch Piven May 6, 2010
these are great Joe! saw them in the international edition in tel aviv! congrats!
Joe Ciardiello May 6, 2010
Thanks all. And thank you Jody for the compliment.
Bill Mayer May 6, 2010
I don't know how you do this with such utter ease, I can't keep a likeness unless the person is a freak...
Ellen Weinstein May 7, 2010
Love them! Wonderful portraits.
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