New Site
posted: June 11, 2010

I've just launched a new web site (thanks Zimm) with an online store at illogator.
Tim OBrien June 11, 2010
Just doing mine now, Joe. Zimm made a good site for you and the white environment makes the work really breathe. Kudos
Richard Downs June 11, 2010
Your work and the website looks really nice, Joe. Zimm also built my interface which behaves fabulously.
Steve Brodner June 12, 2010
Very smart, very beautiful. Very easy to access everything. Zimm is tops and here the art is brilliant. Congrats Joe.
Victor Juhasz June 12, 2010
Looking very clean and classy. Good luck!
Chris Spollen June 13, 2010
John Dykes June 14, 2010
GReat looking site, Joe! Clean and clear.
Douglas Fraser June 14, 2010
ZIMM brand websites just work! Yours looks great!
Daniel Pelavin June 14, 2010
Done in your usual style of tasteful elegance.
Dale Stephanos June 14, 2010
Nice. I've been dragging my feet. I better get to it before Zimm raises his fee.
Mark Fisher July 19, 2010
Everybody, RAN-DY, RAN-DY, RAN-DY...
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