Book Review portrait
posted: August 2, 2010

Nadine Gordimer, South African author and Nobel Prize winner in yesterday's NY Times Book Review.
Tim OBrien August 2, 2010
Good one Joe!
Michael Greaney August 2, 2010
Felix Sockwell August 2, 2010
Zing.... nailed it.
Victor Juhasz August 2, 2010
Sensitive, empathic portrait. Another winner.
Greg Clarke August 2, 2010
Beautiful--love how the patterns in her blouse play off the lines in her face.
Elwood H. Smith August 3, 2010
Joe, you do such delicious portraits. The perfect balance of crosshatch and pure line and open spaces. And damned if the art doesn't look exactly like the person drawn. A gift. You get better and better and better.
Joe Ciardiello August 3, 2010
Thanks for the comments, guys.
Robert Hunt August 3, 2010
Elegant line....nice!
jason August 3, 2010
I covet your skill.
Drew Friedman August 3, 2010
Marc August 3, 2010
Another one out of the ballpark, Joe.
Dale Stephanos August 3, 2010
I haven't seen a bad Ciardiello yet.
Joe Ciardiello August 3, 2010
Thanks, but trust me Dale, I've got flat files over stuffed with them.
Chris Buzelli August 3, 2010
Once again. I can only dream of that kind of freedom with the pen. Beautiful portrait Joe!
TB August 4, 2010
Only your drawings make my $7 Sunday Times worth it.
J.D. King August 4, 2010
I always enjoy seeing your work in the Book Review!
Robert Saunders August 8, 2010
Great, Joe.
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