posted: August 30, 2010
Jonathan Franzen for yesterday's NY Times Book Review, AD: Nicholas Blechman...

Alex Nabaum August 30, 2010
Great portrait, that loose black on the hair... nice!
Drew Friedman August 30, 2010
Great, as always.
John Hendrix August 30, 2010
I also love the hair. It was the first section that unfolded from my Sunday NYT. Always a treat.
Brian Stauffer August 30, 2010
Enjoyed it in the paper yesterday. Beautiful.
Paul Rogers August 30, 2010
That's some nice drawing.
Adam McCauley August 30, 2010
That's beautiful Joe, just love the limited color and where you placed it.
Stephen Kroninger August 30, 2010
Very distinctive work. It's a brilliant choice on the part of the AD over there to have you as a regular in the Book Review. I always look forward to seeing your portraits.
Victor Juhasz August 30, 2010
These were particularly striking portraits. Loved the Kundera as well.
Steve Brodner August 30, 2010
Sublime. And the other pieces in the same issue. People subscribed to the NYRB for Levines. Now to NYTBR for the JCs.
Robert Saunders August 30, 2010
An especially great one, Joe!
Joe Ciardiello August 30, 2010
Thanks for the comments, guys.
Tim OBrien August 31, 2010
Wonderful piece Joe.
Patrick Flynn September 1, 2010
I agree with Mr. Kroninger. Ciardiello seems an obvious choice for the NYTsBR and a long time in coming, better late than never I suppose. An extra pillow on the heavy blanket that is the Sunday edition of the NYTs.
KOEB September 3, 2010
Great piece!
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