Recent NYT Book Review portraits
posted: October 4, 2010
Gay Talese...

James Ellroy...

Portuguese writer Jose Saramago...

Dale Stephanos October 4, 2010
Really great work Joe.
Victor Juhasz October 4, 2010
Outstanding portraits. Your Elroy made me see the facial connections between him and Leon Botstein, the conductor.
J.D. King October 4, 2010
Always good stuff, Joe!
Hal Mayforth October 5, 2010
Masterful, Joe.
David Gothard October 5, 2010
A great trio, Joe!
Daniel Pelavin October 5, 2010
As always, nice.
blitt October 5, 2010
Joe that's so Gay.
Joseph Ciardiello October 5, 2010
Thanks all. Barry, if I'm not mistaken, didn't you have a Gay encounter?
blitt October 5, 2010
It's true, I met him at a local gallery where he apparently enjoys coming.
jason October 5, 2010
All great, but Jose is an especially compelling image. Thanks for sharing.
Agnes Armao October 25, 2010
I've been a Talese family friend since the 80s and am also Gay's summertime neighbor in Ocean City. Your illustration of Gay captures his personality perfectly, I think. He rarely smiles for photos, and somehow you captured the way he looks when he hears something amusing. I wonder what you said to get him to smile like that.
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