Recent Portraits
posted: November 29, 2010
Some drawings for the NY Times Book Review. This one is German author Gunter Grass...

Composer & artist John Cage...

Author William Trevor. Occasionally the Book Review will reuse a portrait that I've already done, like this one....

Steve Brodner November 29, 2010
Crème de la Crème.
Zowee Wowee November 29, 2010
Ciardiello line = pure poetry.
Tim OBrien November 29, 2010
Great stuff as always. Little dots making lines. That's your touch.
Marc November 30, 2010
Wonderful portraits, Joe. Love the sounds-as-marks in the Cage image.
Marcellus Hall November 30, 2010
john cuneo November 30, 2010
Gunter Grass draws pretty well himself. I bet he'd appreciate that sublime portrait. The Times should run that Trevor drawing every other week. It's definitive.
Hal Mayforth December 1, 2010
Elegance in line. Beautiful, Joe.
David Flaherty December 1, 2010
Well done Joe!
Victor Juhasz December 1, 2010
Every one of these is a gem. You have a capacity that few of us can match in terms of choosing your lines, line quality, marks, and blacks/solids.
Joe Ciardiello December 1, 2010
Thanks Vic and everyone.
Robert Saunders December 2, 2010
Great, Joe!
Shout December 3, 2010
their eyes are speaking, that's magical
mike barker December 6, 2010
Joe...I love your work. As a struggling artist, may I ask you, do you draw from photographs that you have taken or do you use existing photos?
Joe Ciardiello December 6, 2010
Thanks Mike. I draw from existing photos since I don't have access to the subjects. Whenever possible, I try to work from several photos.
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