The Book As Art Object
posted: March 28, 2011
This Friday, April 1st will mark the publication of BLACK WHITE & BLUES, my limited edition book collaboration with Dan Smith & Virginia Cahill of Strike Three Press (no fooling). It's an artist's book of blues portraits, letterpress printed and hand bound by Dan & Ginny, in an edition of 64 copies. Considering the outstanding job they did, I think a more appropriate title would be BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS.
To launch the project, I'll be giving a talk about my work along with Dan & Ginny who will speak about the book making process. It will be at the Society of Illustrators this Friday, 4/1 at 6:30, followed by a reception/signing. More info here
The book will be priced at $200 until May 1st (thereafter $250) and will be available for purchase through my web site  as well as through the Society of Illustrators, or Strike Three Press.

Dan hard at work....

Victor Juhasz March 28, 2011
Great success with the book, Joe. What a beaut and a beautiful way to present your portraits. I wish I could attend to hear about the book making process.
Cathie Bleck March 28, 2011
This book must be amazing and honestly, a very affordable offer considering the art and craftsmanship. I am going to seriously think about it. Are you going to send a reminder when it launches? You will no doubt sell out...this is perfect for polymer plates and letterpress. I remember you telling me about the book-so exciting!
Richard Downs March 28, 2011
A beautiful object, Joe. The pages look awesome, I also wish that I could attend and hear about it.
Leo Espinosa March 28, 2011
I wish I could attend the opening. The book looks like an absolute jewel!
Mark Fisher March 28, 2011
Such a super project, congratulations and good luck with sales.
Steve Brodner March 28, 2011
Can't wait to get my hands on this. Congrats Joe and Dan. See you Fri.
Marc March 28, 2011
A stunning collection, Joe, and long overdue. So cool to see this.
Ellen Weinstein March 28, 2011
Congrats, Joe! Looks like Dan and Virgina did a gorgeous job! Great collaboration!
Chris Spollen March 29, 2011
Joe,wonderfull,looks fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Buzelli March 29, 2011
The book looks amazing Joe! Congrats and I can't wait to see your drawings printed on letterpress.
Hal Mayforth March 29, 2011
The perfect project for you Joe. It looks sensational. Congratulations!
Julia Breckenreid March 29, 2011
Oh my gosh, Joe, how perfect! Congratulations from me too.
Carl Wiens March 29, 2011
Looks gorgeous, would love to be there for the launch.
Cathleen Toelke March 29, 2011
This looks absolutely beautiful, Joe. Your line must look great in this process, and I love the cover image.
Joe Ciardiello March 29, 2011
Thanks everyone, for the nice comments.
Christoph Hitz March 30, 2011
Looks like a treasure in the making.
fiedler March 30, 2011
j cuneo March 31, 2011
Just the kind of showcase that these elegant drawings deserve. Congratulations Joe and Dan and Virginia.
Gothard March 31, 2011
Great looking book, Joe. Wishing you much success!
Tim OBrien April 1, 2011
Very cool Joe. I'll try to stop by.
Yuko May 2, 2011
This is so so cool. Congratulations!!!
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