Foreign Policy
posted: July 21, 2011
One of my regular gigs is for a section in FP magazine called Epiphanies. It features a brief interview with a foreign policy newsmaker. The current issue's subject is Henry Kissinger who reflects on the Arab revolutions and China. AD is Erin Aulov....

Daniel Pelavin July 21, 2011
I knew it was Dr. Strangelove the moment I set eyes upon it. Joe,you capture the soul, not just the likeness.
Rob Dunlavey July 22, 2011
Kissinger brings back sooooo many memories Joe. I used to stare at caricatures of him by Ranan Lurie back in the 70's.
Richard Borge July 22, 2011
Nice drawing Joe. I like how your line work is kind of a "landscape of the face".
Victor Juhasz July 22, 2011
Charming and yet able to portray the corrosiveness of Dr. Strangelove.
Robert Saunders July 22, 2011
You caught him good, Joe. Did I ever tell you the time I saw Henry on the island of St. Maartens while there for an Illustrator's Workshop? We were out on the hotel bar's terrace twirling the parasols in our pina coladas when who should waltz by with a retinue of people following behind but little Henry himself, who waved at us as he passed. We surmised he was brokering deals with local land owners to buy luxury vacation properties for his friends. We could see his own gated estate across the water from the hotel.
Steve Brodner July 26, 2011
Joe: You capture the strength and sleaze in this putrifying pancake. I hope he has a peaceful death. But before that I hope he has a horrible dream where a terrifying death is simulated four times. Once as a US GI in Vietnam, another as a Vietnamese villager, another as a Cambodian and one more as a Chilean. Justice sometimes finds its own way. You are tops sir. SB
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