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posted: September 20, 2011
Al Gore was the keynote speaker at this year's PromaxBDA Conference held in NYC this summer. It's a media and marketing organization based in LA. I was comissioned to attend the conference and create artwork for their offices....

Joseph Heller for NY Times Book Review. Nicholas Blechman, AD.

New films from directors Steven Soderbergh and George Clooney for movie review section in American Prospect. Mary Parsons, AD....

Prof. John Irwin who has just written a book about poet Hart Crane and his epic poem "The Bridge" about the Brooklyn Bridge. For Johns Hopkins magazine. Shaul Tsemach, AD....

Andreas Hilka of Allianz for Plan Sponsor Europe. SooJin Buzelli, AD....

I got the chance to meet Gore at a reception during the Promax conference. Here I am oblivious to the protocol of the "meet & greet". You're suppose to look at the camera, idiot....

Robert Neubecker September 20, 2011
Gore-geous! Imagine for a moment if Gore had been elected president, how different our world might be... oh yeah, he was...
Phil McKenney September 20, 2011
These are great, Joe. Did you make sketches at this event then do the final later, or did you do the whole thing on site?
Joe Ciardiello September 20, 2011
Thanks Bob. Phil - I took some notes and made some scribbles at the event, but in the dark in a large conference hall it's pretty hard (at least for me) to capture much. I relied primarily on photos that were shot there and provided to me after the event.
Pjb Flynn September 21, 2011
I get the blue tie—democratic—thing, but no tie Joe? Guess you’re one of those independents I hear tell of. Gore never looked better, nice drawing Joe.
Victor Juhasz September 21, 2011
A very good Gore. He's not easy to do. The Heller is terrific too.
Steve Brodner September 21, 2011
Elegant, swellegant. Love the Heller especially. Joe: Mr. Vice President, I really appreciate your contribution to the world's growing awareness of the Climate Crisis. It must take tremendous bravery and focus to continue day to day in this relentless struggle. Gore: Shit. Looking for the chick with the cocktail wieners . . . did you see where she went?
Joe Ciardiello September 21, 2011
Steve, I didn't know you were there.
Alan Witschonke September 21, 2011
You make it look effortless, Joe. They breathe.
Tim OBrien September 23, 2011
If there weren't a Joe Ciardiello, we'd have to invent him, or at least we would try. We would need amazing drawing, limited and tasteful color, whimsy and effortless line. Oh, but then we need to see if he could keep a beat. Great work Joe.
Joe Ciardiello September 23, 2011
Thanks all. Tim - I'm still working on that beat thing, myself.
Marc September 24, 2011
Love 'em all, Joe, but I have to agree with Steve--that Heller sings. The economy of line with that rich black setting it all off. You're a master of portraiture.
Bill Basso October 27, 2011
Your comment on your meet and greet photo with Al Gore cracked me up, Joe. I just caught up with some of your posts- the quality of your art has no bounds. Your jazz stuff is exquisite!
missy morrow November 15, 2011
Joe, I love your new work. I am a big fan of you and your blues work especially since the project you did with Martin Scorsese. As a beginning illustrator, your work is very inspiring. Thanks!
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