posted: December 7, 2011
Some personal drawings mostly from this year (I think). Doodles, warm ups, false starts, or just procrastination. Sometimes in sketchbooks, but more often on whatever paper I have around. Always searching for that elusive freedom in the line, when paper, ink and pen all seem to cooperate... and I don't think too much.

Elmore Leonard...

Peter Hermann December 7, 2011
I think a lot about these. they are wonderful and beautiful.
Rob Dunlavey December 7, 2011
I'd love to see a time lapse film of one of these drawings being assembled/discovered/sung (however it is that you make them). Joe, here's a question you can completely disregard if you want: ever work in more blunt and resistant media? Dry brush, crayon, marker, charcoal… crow quill on damp paper…on Japanese paper? …just different ways to play with line thickness, etc.? I bet it would look fascinating!
Joe Ciardiello December 7, 2011
Thanks Peter. Rob- Over the years I've tried a variety of ways to make marks. Sometimes I'll use dip pen, or dry brush, but for reasons I can't really articulate, I have a strong preference for the fine line feel of drawing with a Rapidograph. Obsessive I guess, or just too set in my ways.
Dale Stephanos December 8, 2011
I often feel the way Elmore Leonard looks. These are great Joe, thanks for sharing the back room stuff.
Lou Beach December 8, 2011
I can't get enough!
Chris Buzelli December 8, 2011
Love that John Lee Hooker piece!
Leo Espinosa December 13, 2011
these are brilliant, Joe! and I love the type too!!
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