NYT Book Review Cover
posted: January 29, 2012
Portrait of Henry Miller for a review of RENEGADE Henry Miller and the Making of "Tropic Of Cancer" by Frederick Turner. AD: Nicholas Blechman

Inside the same issue were reviews of two books about Gertrude Stein....

Jeffrey Smith January 30, 2012
Very elegant Joe. I really enjoyed seeing this in the paper.
Mark Fisher January 30, 2012
Some peoples faces are made for your lines and Miller's is one of them.
Jody Hewgill January 30, 2012
Your portraits are masterfully executed with an economy of line and tone. Beautiful cover.
Daniel Zalkus January 30, 2012
Good stuff! I noticed that there's a hint of color on the printed piece. Is there none on the original?
Joe Ciardiello January 30, 2012
Thanks Jeff, Mark and Jody. Daniel - the color was done separately and added digitally (something I rarely do) at the AD's request. After seeing it printed, I realize it was too light, oh well.
kurt vargo January 31, 2012
Such economical line work that captures the personality instantly. Extraordinary Joe! Also reminds me of what actor Lee Marvin might have looked like years ago too.
j cuneo January 31, 2012
Great drawings Joe. Your use of black is as masterful as your line. That chick though - she kinda looks like a dude.
Marc January 31, 2012
Love 'em, Joe.
Michael Sloan January 31, 2012
Great, Joe. I saw it from across the room on Saturday morning and instantly knew it was yours. I like the muted color on the collar.
Joe Ciardiello January 31, 2012
You're right Kurt, it does look like Lee Marvin. Damn, that's all I can see now.
Leo Espinosa February 1, 2012
That book review cover is a class act!
Steve Brodner February 3, 2012
Line and character together brilliantly. . . and in the big show. Big home run, Joe. Miller: "Back of every creation, supporting it like an arch, is faith. Enthusiasm is nothing: it comes and goes. But if one believes, then miracles occur."
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