Man Or Mittbot
posted: February 29, 2012
For the past year or so I've been illustrating all the covers (and some inside portraits) for American Review. It's a quarterly magazine published by the US Studies Center at the University of Sydney and deals with foreign policy. It started out as a print publication, but now is only an iPad app. I work directly with the editor, Minh Bui Jones. These are the two most recent covers.
The inevitable GOP nominee? Romney, the country club candidate.
They decided to crop the piece for the cover....

Hillary Clinton for a cover about greater US involvement in Asia-Pacific....

Rob Dunlavey February 29, 2012
Good job Joe! I think these are two of the hardest faces to draw --straight on with little editorial interpretation or exaggeration. Too bad Romney was cropped; I think the hand is crucial to fun of the piece. It's still good but the lush blobby painting of the jacket is very lively and acts as a foil to the polished face. And the awkward hand pose makes him more human --for better or worse and to good effect. It's funny to think of Hillary wearing a corporate t-shirt with the slogan. I know this labeling may have been an editorial suggestion (maybe not) but it kind of matches the openness of her toothsome smile. People are slowly recognizing that this is a major part of Obama's velvet glove Asia policy. It's very interesting to see it develop at this exact time. Alright, back to work!
Ross MacDonald February 29, 2012
These are killer. I'm always amazed at how deceptively simple your work is - just a few well placed lines and a little color - but enough to make a strong cover
Michael Sloan March 1, 2012
Nice, Joe!
Tim OBrien March 2, 2012
Great fit and very clean and bright branding with your art.
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