Inside the White House
posted: June 29, 2012
A couple of recent book jackets dealing with different aspects of various White House inhabitants.
Wraparound jacket for THE OBAMIANS by James Mann. Viking/Penguin, Joseph Perez AD....

For Bloomsbury Press, Patti Ratchford AD....

Steve Brodner June 29, 2012
Some of these faces are hard. You nail them all! Great work Joe!!
Richard Downs June 29, 2012
Nice work, Joe. I love the way you blow out the color on some of the faces and leave others intact.
Daniel Pelavin July 3, 2012
I really like how you can take such well-used icons and make them new again.
Joe Ciardiello July 3, 2012
Steve, Richard & Danny, thanks for the comments.
Jing July 8, 2012
Concise lines but tell so much, master!!!
Steve B July 11, 2012
Good review today in the Times Joe. Looks like the franchise sails on!
Tim OBrien July 11, 2012
Cool gig and done beautifully, Joe
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