posted: August 24, 2012
I recently did some drawings for a brand new kind of digital format for ESPN. It's online only and is a sort of combination of app and online magazine. It has images, text and video. I think it's pretty cool and could be the future for editorial content.
The article is about Pittsburg Pirates pitcher Doc Ellis, who pitched a no-hitter while on LSD in 1970.
Thanks to CD John Korpics and his teriffic team.
Here's the link to see the whole story and the other drawings. One thing I found is that you need to adjust your screen to full view and change the display in order to view the images without them being cropped.
Dock Ellis opener...

fiedler August 24, 2012
I met him personally back in the heyday! Right in the dug-out!
Stephen Kroninger August 24, 2012
Great series of drawings, Joe.
Victor Juhasz August 24, 2012
Perfect illustrator for the job. Nice one, Joe.
Peter Bono August 24, 2012
Nixon as the umpire, that guy made everyone paranoid. Great work as always Joe.
Joe Ciardiello August 25, 2012
Thanks all. CM - Yes, James Blagden's video is great and is included in the ESPN story.
Paul Rogers August 25, 2012
Saw this online the other day Joe. A great format for illustration, and your drawings really made the design.
Chris Blubaugh August 25, 2012
Hi Joe - great work! I need to come to see your webiste more often - now that I know it's here! :)
Steve Brodner August 25, 2012
Joe: You are bringing the future here, man. Here's a great and ingenius way to do multimedia. A slide show that moves when you are ready for it. Maybe this is the best and most web friendly approach yet. Can you tell me what software is involved in this. This is mos' def' a post for my classes this year. Let everybody see this! BTW: BEEEeeautiful work.
Brian Stauffer August 25, 2012
Fantastic package all-around.
john cuneo August 29, 2012
Jesus, you're interactive. Cool post, exquisite drawings.
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