Once Upon A Time In The East
posted: February 15, 2013
I've been developing a personal project that's been on the back burner for quite a while (too long, actually). I don't know, maybe it's age related, but I've been in a reflective mood lately. So, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and put these drawings out there for whatever it's worth.
It's sort of a graphic journal referencing the pop (and pulp) culture I grew up with...  American and Italian, historical and myth, high and lowbrow, good, bad and ugly.
I've started a separate blog for this project at
Some of the drawings are below.

Barbara February 15, 2013
I love these Joe! Nice dry humor!
Victo Ngai February 15, 2013
Really enjoyed reading these, love your writing and how it become part of the page design!
Victo Ngai February 15, 2013
P.S. Did you name it Spaghetti journal because of your Italian heritage or there are more reasons to it?
Joe Ciardiello February 16, 2013
Thanks Victo. It's just a tongue-in-cheek reference to my Italian-American heritage and westerns. The term "Spaghetti Western" was coined by critics in the mid to late 60's for Italian western movies. It was originally meant as derogatory, but has become accepted and embraced in recent years.
Rob Dunlavey February 18, 2013
Stick with it Joe. These are big big themes in one's life and America. I'll be curious to see how it shapes up over time. I like to see how your personal ideas nibble their way into the more editorial content. And, of course, the drawings are so delectable.
Steve B February 19, 2013
Delicious! Tasting extra oregano and garlic. More please!
john cuneo February 19, 2013
So wonderful to see you pursuing this project, Joe. The evidence of your enthusiasm and personal investment are all over these exquisite drawings.
Tim OBrien February 20, 2013
Great drawings Joe, as always. I love your handwriting. It should be a font one could buy.
Victo Ngai February 20, 2013
Ahhh I see! ( Just googled " tongue in cheek", now I know a new phrase! Thank you! )
Leo Espinosa February 21, 2013
Nothing better for the soul than these kind of projects, Signore Spaghetti (I would have call it angel hair because of your terrific fine line, but that's just me). These are all wonderful but Piero della Francesca's Duke a la Western is a riot. Thanks for sharing!
Joe Ciardiello February 21, 2013
Thanks Leo, Tim, John, Steve, Rob and Barbara, much appreciated. Victo, I'm glad to help add to your vocabulary.
Alan Witschonke February 25, 2013
Easily beats a photo journal! The drawings are sublime and I love the hints of color you add here and there. The Duke is priceless!
dion March 11, 2013
joe the blog rocks!!!!!!!!!
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