Spaghetti Journal
posted: July 11, 2013
A few months back I posted about a personal project I'm working on dealing with the pop culture of my youth and western mythology (American & Italian). Here are a few more drawings. The blog is at
Buon appetito!

The William Tell Overture can only signal one thing....

Mark Fisher July 12, 2013
Wonderful stuff. There's nothing deeper than the well of childhood memories and influences nor more exciting than remembering forgotten ones. Hi Ho Joe!
Hal Mayforth July 12, 2013
Masterful drawings, Joe. I never knew Iron Eyes Cody's heritage. You learn something everyday.
Jeffrey Alan Love July 12, 2013
Wonderful! Watching spaghetti westerns (along with John Ford and Peckinpah) and the old Lone Ranger tv show with my father on Saturday mornings are some of my most treasured memories. Excited to see where this project takes you!
Steve Brodner July 14, 2013
Gorgeous stuff here. Sergio Leone opens the Ragu bottle of culture and out pops Ciardiello. These are all very evocative and empathic. Iron Eyes Cody said more with a look that millions of words. And who knew this connection? Trying to "pass"? BTW Mark, it's more like "Hi Yo Silver, away!". Hi-ho is more Louie Nye as country club prig Gordon Hathaway on the Steve Allen Tonight Show, or as in "Heigh-ho", everybody" the radio theme of Rudy Vallee. I know, too much deep scholarship for a Sunday morning. Dynamite project, Joe.
Leo Espinosa July 14, 2013
bravo kemosabe!
john cuneo July 14, 2013
Such splendid work. That line dancing between reverence and irreverence, honoring and re-inventing the source at the same time.
Joe Ciardiello July 15, 2013
Thanks guys, much appreciated.
fuchs July 16, 2013
I thought I could die happily without ever seeing Clint Eastwood in that particular role from that particular angle with that particular squint again - I was wrong. You actually managed to make that old stinker look fresh...Cowboy hats off to you, Joe!
Alan Witschonke July 17, 2013
I always love the little bits of understated color you add to your expressive line.
marcellus hall July 18, 2013
beautiful lines.
Tim OBrien July 18, 2013
I love the way your works is getting free and more expressive, in small subtle ways.
TBower July 19, 2013
The blog, young as it is, has a heft about it already. The epic nature of the theme conveyed through the intimacy of boyhood nostalgia makes an endearing mix.
Joe Ciardiello July 19, 2013
Thanks again guys. TB - I'm not sure what the point of any of this really is except to amuse myself as I approach the dreaded 6...O.
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