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posted: November 18, 2013
It's been a while since I've posted any assignments, so here are a few recent ones.
Kenyon College recruitment poster for Landesberg Design ...

Full page opener for a Playboy Magazine article about which generation is the best....

For USA Today Travel Magazine about restoring Johnny Cash's boyhood home....

A couple of portraits from several done for an article on the Enlightenment for Williams College Magazine....

Smokey Robinson for a special issue of Smithsonian Magazine devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles in America. Various musical artists reminisce about the impact the Beatles had on them....

Drummer Jim Keltner for the same Smithsonian issue....

Steve Brodner November 18, 2013
Loving all. Lately concerned with the Presidents and you got Little Jemmy perfectly (well based on contemporary art). He had soulful eyes. And an immense brain. You caught all that. He was an early Democrat, although they called themselves Republican. Although he would be happy in the GOP today, or would have been until Reagan, GW Bush, Palin and Cruz led their intellectual revolution (the new Rushmore). Now I think he would have a great teaching job. George Washington University. History Dept. Congrats!
Chris Spollen November 19, 2013
very nice
Mark Fisher November 19, 2013
I want to be famous someday, but only so I can get drawn by you Joe.
Ella Rue November 19, 2013
I never tire of looking at your work, Joe. You are an amazing artist.... filled with whimsy, yet still somehow very serious. Love it! And so very proud to own my ow "Ciardiello original"!
john von kruth November 19, 2013
brilliant as always joe
john cuneo November 19, 2013
Superb examples of what a line can accomplish, in the hand of a master.
joan chiverton November 19, 2013
Mark Brewer November 19, 2013
Your art is always an inspiration, Joe! Love those pieces.
David Goldin November 20, 2013
Damn, you are good.
Joe Ciardiello November 20, 2013
Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated.
Peter Bono November 20, 2013
Joe--when you post, I run to my screen
Hal Mayforth November 21, 2013
Always a treat for the eyes, Joe. They couldn't have pick a better illustrator for that Keltner piece!
Harry Campbell November 25, 2013
Great work Joe, love them all, favorites are Johnny Cash and Madison, I'm a sucker for the black and white line art though, beautiful.
Terry Scoggin December 2, 2013
Totally love your crucified lobster in the current Boston magazine!
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