Recent Assignments
posted: February 24, 2014
Here are a few recent jobs. This first one was a cover for Milwaukee Magazine, remembering their late president and publisher, Betty Quadracci. AD: Kathryn Lavey. 

A feature in ai CIO for SooJin Buzelli about the continued rise of investing legend John Paulson. ...

Part of the same feature, the downfall of hedge fund giant John Taylor....

Full page for a Smithsonian Magazine piece about Lincoln's secretaries. AD:Maria Keehan...

A feature in Washingtonian Magazine about John Beale, a star in the EPA, who told his co-workers that he led a double life as a CIA agent. It wasn't true. CD: Michael Goesele...

Writer John O'Hara for The Baffler. AD: Patrick JB Flynn...

Michael Madigan spread for Chicago Magazine. AD: Bryan Erickson...

Alex Nabaum February 24, 2014
That cover turned out especially well!
Robert Saunders February 24, 2014
Yeah, wow as usual, Joe!!
chuck pyle February 24, 2014
Cabernet in Milwaukee? These are so inspiring….
Michael Greaney February 24, 2014
Wow, Great!!!!!
Stephen Kroninger February 25, 2014
I was going to say great but someone beat me to it. Nice work, Joe!
Richard Downs February 25, 2014
Nice work, Joe!
Joe Ciardiello February 25, 2014
Thanks fellas.
Steve Brodner March 2, 2014
Lyrical and penetrating. Masterly.
Kurt D, Hollomon March 3, 2014
Great to see you swingin' your pen with this selection Joe.
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