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posted: June 4, 2015
I recently did a series of portraits for a book published in the UK called "On the Snap" by Brian Case. Case is a British novelist, journalist and raconteur. The book is a collection of conversations he's had over the years with personanlities from the world of jazz, film and crime fiction.
Brian Case is shown here on the left. Below are most of the other drawings from the book.
More info at:
Tom Waits...

Jimmy Smith...

James Ellroy...

Norman Mailer...

Sam Fuller...

Art Blakey...

Victor Juhasz June 4, 2015
These portraits are all terrific but the Case is a gem. Miss your presence in the NYTIMES Book Review.
Tim OBrien June 4, 2015
I agree with Victor. You're a lucky man that you have such a unique line and feel. Like a voice, it's instantly recognized.
Richard Downs June 4, 2015
Nice work, Joe. I especially like the Jimmy Smith drawing. Folks will have their favorites.
Mary Parsons June 4, 2015
I'm glad Victor said it ... I too feel a strange void in the Times book review every Sunday. Your portraits elevated it somehow.
Joe Ciardiello June 4, 2015
Thanks guys and Mary, much appreciated. I miss being in the BR as well. I approached these drawings in the same way as the NYT portraits in that I drew them directly with pen. No preliminary sketches were required on this job, which is the only way I'm able to do that.
Chris Spollen June 5, 2015
Joe, lovely drawings!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keith Henry Brown June 5, 2015
Magnificent drawings, Joe! Wish I lived in the UK and could get a copy!
Robert Neubecker June 5, 2015
Always love your elegant use of B&W Joe. And I wanna be a raconteur...
Marc June 7, 2015
Love these, Joe! They have a spontaneity and confidence I envy. The Fuller portrait may be my favorite—that hair is fantastic.
john cuneo June 7, 2015
Each one is a gem. To elaborate from Mary's point - your portraits elevate every publication they appear in.
Joe Ciardiello June 7, 2015
Thanks all for the kind words.
Scott Wilson June 7, 2015
Your drawings transcend draughtsmanship in the way the lines are so representative of the character of the subject, And as for the placement of the solid black areas, well....
Bill Mayer June 8, 2015
Just Brilliant Joe....
Joseph Barbaccia June 9, 2015
Dat line!
Steve Brodner June 10, 2015
These are masterly. Hey whatever happened to black and white!? Glad it is pure in this book. Want a copy!! Love them all. Great congrats O Line King.
marcellus hall June 15, 2015
Jonathan Twingley June 15, 2015
Really love these, Joe. Thanks for sharing.
Joe Ciardiello June 15, 2015
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
Randy Jones June 16, 2015
All of the above, Joe!!!!
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