Hamilton King
posted: February 4, 2016
I'm thrilled to be receiving the Hamilton King Award tomorrow night at the Society of Illustrators Book & Editorial opening. It's a great honor and I'm both humbled and proud to join the roster of previous recipients.
Apologies for reposting these images. They are from a series of portraits of writers, musicians and actors for a book called "On the Snap" by Brian Case published in the UK.
Norman Mailer...

Tom Waits...

Art Blakey...

Chris Spollen February 4, 2016
Joe ,Well deserved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul Rogers February 4, 2016
Congratulations Joe. A well deserved honor.
Richard Downs February 4, 2016
Congratulations Joe. Great work and well deserved.
Steve Brodner February 4, 2016
The Society of Illustrators will be honored by this choice tomorrow Joe. Lonnnnggg overdue. Congrats amigo.
Scott Bakal February 4, 2016
This is a great honor and Joe, you certainly deserve it. Congratulations!.
Joe Ciardiello February 4, 2016
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.
Mark Fisher February 5, 2016
Tim OBrien February 6, 2016
So happy to be able to be there. You are much loved and your work is among the most unique I know of. No one has a line like you do. There is no filter, brush or app for Joe.
Joe Ciardiello February 6, 2016
Thank you Tim, kind of you to say. It was a great night. A bit uncomfortable, but very touching to receive that kind of attention. I was honored.
robert hunt February 8, 2016
Congrats again- It was a great night, and it was getting to talk to you there!
Michael Sloan February 10, 2016
Awesome, Joe! Congratulations.
Victor Juhasz February 27, 2016
Very happy to have been there to see it. Congratulations are always in order.
Gérard DuBois February 27, 2016
Congratulations for this well deserved recognition of your amazing work and talent. Bravo, Joe!
Joe Ciardiello February 27, 2016
Thank you Gérard and also Victor, Michael and Robert. Much appreciated.
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