NY Times Book Review
posted: October 14, 2007
Alan Greenspan...
I've enjoyed having the opportunity to do a number of portraits recently for the Sunday Book Review. The art director, Nicholas Blechman, is a pleasure to work with. He's that rare breed of AD that "gets" what you do and allows you the freedom to do it.
felix sockwell October 14, 2007
your work for this section really brightens the section. Nofussalas Blechman really has reinvigorated this section. Great job by both of you.
Steve Brodner October 14, 2007
Another beauty Joe. Caught those flaming lips. You're right about Nicholas with whom it's always a pleasure to work. In the tradition of Steve and Patrick. The beat goes on.
Walter Vasconcelos October 14, 2007
Joe always great portraits, your line is unmistakable.
Zina Saunders October 14, 2007
Beautiful, inspired portrait, Joe.
Marc October 14, 2007
Wonderful drawing, Joe. I like the how the eyes don't follow you around the room.
Tim O\'Brien October 14, 2007
Such a great drawing Joe. Your line really is so unique. The little dots that form lines, the solid jacket, perfect.
Dale Stephanos October 14, 2007
I saw this this morning and just sat with it a while. My wife thinks I actually read the review! Ha! Not when there's art this good to look at. Keep posting!
Joe Ciardiello October 14, 2007
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the kind words.
Rob Dunlavey October 14, 2007
Love it! Especially how his eyes kind of goggle off in different directions.
Richard Allen October 15, 2007
Beautiful line, Joe
Robert Saunders October 15, 2007
Typical Ciardiello work: consistent, beautiful, economical. Love seeing your stuff in the Book Review Joe.
J.D. King October 15, 2007
Excellent, Joe! And, good to see you on Drawger again! Don't be such a stranger! You add a lot to the mix!
Mike Moran October 15, 2007
Great to see you posting again! Really nice piece, Joe.
Cathleen Toelke October 15, 2007
You captured Greenspan's undulating movement when he speaks. Your portraits are a great choice for the Book Review. I'll agree with J.D. and Mike; it's fine to see you here!
Nancy Stahl October 15, 2007
Greenspan's lips are moving... I swear. Keep posting, Joe..! I don't always get the paper, so will miss these gems otherwise.
barryblitt October 15, 2007
Amazing drawing Joe. My favorite part is that incredibly confident line delineating the top if his head. You go girl!
daveB October 15, 2007
great piece joe! Not too many do it better with just good ol solid black ink I know you've got chickens to feed and horses to shoe and 10 acres to harvest - but, don't be such a stranger to these parts ; )
Joe Ciardiello October 15, 2007
Thanks all. I'll try to post more if I can think of anything to say.
Rob Dunlavey October 15, 2007
Just let your drawings do the talking!
john cuneo October 15, 2007
It's another beaut Joe. Talk about ".. taking a line for a walk." Your stuff is the Review is the best thing about Sundays since meet the press. Or football maybe. And along with Barry's Frank Rich op-ed drawings, serve as a handy weekly primer on drawing good. Or 'well' maybe. jc
Peter Cusack October 15, 2007
Oh my this is beautiful!
David Flaherty October 15, 2007
Nick has done a great job, I thought Illo was dead at the Book Review for a while (back) and no, it's not.... It's alive,,,,,It's alive!!
David Flaherty October 15, 2007
(not sure I can say Nick)
Mark Fisher October 16, 2007
Joe, real nice, He looks like his face is undulating all over the place.
Peter Hermann October 22, 2007
just wonderful. I love that long swooping line making up his forehead-hairline and going all the way down to his ear...
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