Anti War Art
posted: January 6, 2008
Dick and Dummy...
My contribution to "Artists Against The War". Kudos to Steve for organizing this important exhibit.
Dale Stephanos January 6, 2008
Man, I love the way you draw Joe. I'm looking forward to breathing on this at the show.
Steve Brodner January 6, 2008
Thanks Joe. This is by far the most vicious thing I've ever seen you do. I had to look twice to check the name. It is a portrait of anger that is most impressive from someone who doesn't traffic in it usually . . . or casually. Brilliant sir. One of the best.
Joe Ciardiello January 6, 2008
Thanks Dale. Steve, I guess vicious times bring out vicious art. High praise coming from the master. Stephen, thanks for the cover link, I hadn't seen that one. You're an encyclopedia of pop culture and applied art.
Marc January 6, 2008
Go get 'em, Joe!
Pjb Flynn January 6, 2008
Thanks Joe for sharing--and capturing (imprisoning) the Cheney snarl. Pretty much says it all about this "axis of evil," of which, if there was one, the brain surely resides in Cheney's porcelain cranium. When will we ever see justice done for their egregious acts against humanity? Or is it enough, for now, to simply bear witness to this somewhat public ridicule as spilt from the fount of yours and others perception of these "evil doers"? Yes, draw 'em, then quarter 'em. Or better yet, water board 'em, the preferred and perhaps more palatable form of truth seeking these days.
Edel Rodriguez January 6, 2008
Joe, great line work on this piece.
Frances Jetter January 7, 2008
Joe, its a wonderful, vicious piece
David Gothard January 7, 2008
Tis a beaut, Joe, and an important contribution. DG
Robert Saunders January 7, 2008
Great piece, Joe. I love that now-infamous line, "I think they're in the last throes, if you will, of the insurgency."
Hanoch Piven January 7, 2008
Perhaps the biggest accomplishments of the Bush gang will be to have paved the way for someone like Obama to be considered a real alternative, and not less important, to make Joe C. really angry. Go wild Joe!
barry blitt January 8, 2008
Piven, With all due respect, perhaps you should limit your political commentary to the likes of Efraim Sneh, or the Kach Party. We'll worry about the Bush gang and Obama over here. [great expressive drawing Joe, by the way]
Hanoch Piven January 8, 2008
Blitt with all due respect I'm going to have to put you inside the piano and close the lid once again. I guess the beating you took from me in the 1991 AI party wasn't enough. (sorry Joe)
barry blitt January 8, 2008
Hanoch, With all due acknowledgement of your tremendous strength when drunk, that wasn't me you beat up at the '91 AI party [I was in Barbados at the time]; it was Edward Booth-Clibborn you clobbered and stuffed in the Steinway. [he's still brooding about it, by the way] [thanks for letting us vent, Joe. It's still a super drawing]
Joe Ciardiello January 8, 2008
Thanks for the comments everyone. Barry and Hanoch- I'm only too happy to provide a forum for you two to air your personal issues.
Steve Brodner January 8, 2008
Gentlemen, please. Lordy, lordy what Bush has done to us Alas, poor Joe. Alas, ourselves.
Tim O\'Brien January 8, 2008
...and in this corner, in the white trunks and porkpie hat... Nice drawing Joe. Your line is magic.
audrey September 14, 2008
thank you
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