Book Review
posted: November 24, 2008
V.S. Naipaul...
This Sunday's cover for the New York Times Book Review was a portrait of author V.S. Naipaul.
Always a pleasure working with Nicholas Blechman.
Stephen Kroninger November 24, 2008
Great work, Joe. You're perfect for the book review.
Robert Saunders November 24, 2008
I didn't know what V. S. Naipaul looked like. Until now. Great portrait, Joe.
barry blitt November 24, 2008
Another beaut, Joe - keep 'em coming. Rob: If you didn't know what Naipaul looks like, how do you know it's a great portrait? [it looks exactly like him, but how could you know that?]
john cuneo November 24, 2008
I couldn't agree with Stephen more. Joe, you were born for the Book Review ( or perhaps it's the other way around). This week's V.S. Naipul drawing exquisitely captures the haughty self regard of that brilliant, troubling writer.
Marc November 24, 2008
Joe, you're the master of portraits. Another in a long line of beauties.
Cathleen Toelke November 24, 2008
What a look! and a commanding portrait on the page.
Steve B November 24, 2008
CT is dead on. "Commanding" is the word. And in line. The line has its own color. Here's to the great Joe, in a perfect gig and, in general, hail, hail Black and White! PS: Barry when I look in the mirror I know I don't look like that. But it's a good job anyway.
John Hendrix November 24, 2008
Another gem on the book review, Joe. Seriously, how many BR covers have you done and who holds the record? You've got to be near the top.
Kyle T. Webster November 24, 2008
Joe, I love that this is a portrait that goes beyond likeness alone to actually convey a mood and an attitude. It's a joy to see this kind of work.
Peter Cusack November 24, 2008
Oh man!!! That's a beaut. The layout is so striking to . . . the perfect frame. Damn that's good!!!!
J.D. King November 24, 2008
It's always a pleasure seeing your work in the Book Review!
Brian Stauffer November 24, 2008
I have no idea what Naipul looks like but this is a beautiful drawing.
Joe Ciardiello November 24, 2008
Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Much appreciated
Dale Stephanos November 24, 2008
Another gret one Joe. Keep it up.
Tim OBrien November 24, 2008
That's a beauty Joe. Here is a thing I've always liked about your work...the way you brush in shirts! Cool and loose.
Paul Rogers November 24, 2008
Beautiful. "A pleasure working with Blechman" of course. Nic: " What should I do for the cover of BR this week? Hmmm, I think I'll call Joe for a portrait that manages to make black ink on newsprint look lush and rich. Then I'll take the afternoon off."
David Flaherty November 24, 2008
Joe, Joe, Joe! very talented.
Hanoch Piven November 25, 2008
Great portrait Joe. Please post more often!
Leo Espinosa November 25, 2008
Ah, dessert for the eyes!
Jeffrey Smith November 25, 2008
Beautiful drawing, Joe. Fantastic!
felix Sockwell November 25, 2008
he makes it look easy folks! great stuff
Robert Saunders November 25, 2008
"Rob: If you didn't know what Naipaul looks like, how do you know it's a great portrait? [it looks exactly like him, but how could you know that?]" Actually it was a backhanded acknowledgement of Joe's unfailing caricaturesmanship. I was being facetious. (Definitely need to work on my delivery.)
Joe Ciardiello November 25, 2008
Thanks all. And Rob, I appreciate your blind faith.
randy enos November 28, 2008
A real beauty Joe.
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