posted: January 28, 2009
The late great John Updike...
After seeing Dale's fine painting of John Updike, I thought I'd post one I did. It was done for the NYT Book Review a year or so ago. I was flattered to receive a very nice note from Updike himself wanting to purchase the drawing. He thought I "captured him well in old age".
I framed the letter.
Stephen Kroninger January 28, 2009
A fine of example of the wonders that flow from your pen.
Laura Levine January 29, 2009
Wow Joe, that's amazing! Did he buy the drawing? Or did you just do an even swap for his note? : )
Hanoch Piven January 29, 2009
Joe this is so beautiful. I keep looking at the eye on the left.
Zina Saunders January 29, 2009
Such a personal portrait, full of candor and wit. Beautiful.
Peter Hermann January 29, 2009
I love how you captured his smile in his eyes. beautiful lines.
James Steinberg January 29, 2009
Hey Joe, I remember this portrait and was wondering if you would post it. I'm always amazed at the sensitivity and fluidity of your line. You did capture him well.
Drew Friedman January 29, 2009
Joe, I'm the "New kid in town" so we haven't met, but just wanted to say this is a beaut! I'm a longtime fan.
Dale Stephanos January 29, 2009
Man, that's just beautiful Joe.
Harry Campbell January 29, 2009
What an honor, for the esteemed author and the artist. I'm always sad when we lose someone special. You and Dale both did beautiful renderings. Beautiful work.
Jim Paillot January 29, 2009
This is a beauty. Those eyes- you nailed 'em.
Steve B January 29, 2009
Spot on but also how the lines dance. So many things working together with such beauty. This is goal of art. And you deftly do it all the time. An inspiration Joe. We'll miss Updike. I loved his art crit in NY Review. So free and happy to just love, observe and react to art.
Joe Ciardiello January 29, 2009
Thanks all, for the nice comments.
Paul Rogers January 29, 2009
Beautiful drawing of a great writer. I bet he framed it too.
Tim OBrien January 29, 2009
Joe, your drawings are among the best I've ever seen. Really. They are wild and dead on. That's hard to do.
Chris Buzelli January 29, 2009
It looks like those lines just flow so naturally out of your pen. Like magic. I wish I could find a little bit of that freedom when doing portraits. Beautiful work!
john cuneo January 29, 2009
i always thought that this was one of your best ( and those are some damn high standards.) no surprise that updike admired it. he was a bit of a cartoonist himself. the man knew a thing or two about superlative caricature. ps. ' just wondering- are you gonna frame this comment?
Peter Cusack January 29, 2009
That's awesome
Cathleen Toelke January 29, 2009
Your portrait of Alan Greeenspan is an all-time fav, but this one is up there, too. The black and grey tone sets off that superb face. Heck they're all up there.
Hal Mayforth January 29, 2009
Simple, elegant and dead on the beat. Beautiful work, Joe.
Robert Saunders January 29, 2009
I dunno about sinuous lines and whatnot, it's just good.
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