posted: February 6, 2009
Elvin Jones...
My contribution to the "Cut to the Drummer" auction/exhibit organized by Sandra Dionisi.
Ammon Perry February 6, 2009
Beautiful work, Sir.
Robert Saunders February 6, 2009
That's unmistakeably Elvin, Joe, at one time the best in the jazz world. Nice lugs.
Paul Rogers February 6, 2009
Nice one Joe. I saw Elvin many times, I couldn't believe he had his band wearing those corny t-shirts with the we-print-anything-cooper-black-style letters. But Elvin came to swing every night, a beautiful guy.
Pjb Flynn February 6, 2009
Way to hit it Joe. Love the white note on the cymbal. I can hear this one.
Leo Espinosa February 8, 2009
my favorite of the Drummer show!
Adam McCauley February 8, 2009
Joe, this is (of course) an awesome portrait of the master Elvin. I love how you capture his inward look and show just his one hand in traditional position, it's a perfect combo of his intellect and his muscle and his finesse. Sooo sweet. Very cool talking the other night too!
Cathleen Toelke February 8, 2009
Love the red here, and the white light. Good to see you and Sue Friday night, Joe.
Peter Hermann February 9, 2009
Love everything about it. the crisp and vivid line and the seemingly effortless play with the materials.
Alan Witschonke February 9, 2009
Another masterpiece Joe. Despite the looseness of the line, you can feel Elvin's intensity. I can hear his trademark grunts as he layers polyrhythm over polyrhythm. Way before Elvin left us, his wife said that Elvin's doctors told him he had to stop playing to preserve his health. She said NOT playing would kill him faster than anything else. She was, of course, right.
Joe Ciardiello February 9, 2009
Thanks all. Elvin was a powerhouse, but also a sweet, humble man. Alan, glad the grunts come across in a drawing. The last time I saw him perform was shortly before his passing. His playing had not diminished, but there was an oxygen tank on stage right behind him.
Alan Witschonke February 10, 2009
Here's a story about his humbleness: Rob S. and I saw him in Boston, about a year or two before his passing. We were there early, before the sold-out venue started filling up. Incredibly, Elvin made a point of coming to everyone's table, including ours, to offer greetings and thanks for coming to see his band!
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