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posted: April 8, 2009
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Last weekend Susan and I were in Cleveland to attend the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. The invite was a perk for doing this year's program book cover.
I worked with editor Holly George-Warren and designer Ellen Nygaard, who were great.  Surprisingly, the whole project went pretty smoothly. Each piece was done individually then all were assembled in photoshop with technical/design help from Sue.

The event wasn't held at the museum, but nearby at a much larger space called Public Hall.
There was a cocktail party first where we got to meet Congressman Dennis Kucinich and his lovely
(and very tall) wife. Then everyone was ushered upstairs to the main auditorium for a VIP dinner
for about 1,200 people. After dinner about 5,000 fans arrived and filled the stands for the show.
Some cool and odd highlights for me were:
Entering the hall a few feet behind Jimmy Page and Ron Wood who were laughing it up with Kucinich.
Jeff Beck was joined on stage by Jimmy Page during a performance of Beck's Bolero and the Immigrant Song.
Bobby Womack playing It's All Over Now (with Ronnie Wood) and a killer version of Across 110th St.
Waiting on line in the men's room with a bunch of guys in tuxedos and Flea (from the Chili Peppers) who had bright blue hair.
 Metallica's performance was so loud, I could swear that I felt my collar bone snap.
fiedler April 8, 2009
Sounds pretty f*n cool, man! I once pissed with Tom Allen and Irma Thomas called me a cab!
Tim OBrien April 8, 2009
Damn! Ok, this makes me jealous. However, I am such a fan of you that I would have just started the job and had this knowledge wash over me that you were the man for the job. Perfect choice and execution. have two of them for a reason.
Kyle T. Webster April 8, 2009
GREEN WITH ENVY. But stories like this make me work harder so I can one day join Joe in the illustration 'big leagues.' Perfect drawings, as always. Interesting that you drew the Metallica bass player who quit the band - guess he showed up?
Leo Espinosa April 8, 2009
And the one who died, the amazing Cliff Burton. Blue with envy (Blue for Flea's hair) Awesome work, Joe!!
Dale Stephanos April 8, 2009
W.O.W. Amazing, the places a pencil can take you, isn't it. Great work Joe.
Marc April 8, 2009
WOW is right! What an incredible night, and a terrific job you did with this project. One to remember, Joe.
Stephen Kroninger April 8, 2009
Ciardiello in clover.
john cuneo April 8, 2009
terrific drawings Joe. the perfect man for the job ( or do you musicians prefer "gig" ) ? better flea in the men's room than beck and his whammy bar.
Victor Juhasz April 8, 2009
What a gas. At this point you have to realize you are the official (or unofficial) rock,jazz,blues portraitist. Your own background as a musician and your enthusiasm for your music making shows very clearly in your empathic portrayals. It's that extra connection and intuitive investment that comes out. Great stuff. Nice program layout.
Steve B April 8, 2009
I read where it was historic also because Cleveland was getting the ceremony and NOT NY. Well, why not, I say. It's their museum! And these pieces are perfect. They are damned lucky. Congrats, Joe.
Joe Ciardiello April 9, 2009
Thanks for the comments guys, it was a blast... and yes Kyle, Metallica played with 2 bass players.
Hanoch Piven April 9, 2009
Wow great assignment and fun perk Joe. (I'm for one not jealous though cause I was home watching Barcelona FC destroy Bayern last night. I'll choose this Barça over Metallica every time)
Hal Mayforth April 9, 2009
They picked the right guy for this gig, that's for sure. Sounds like an amazing evening. Were YOU sporting a tux, Joe?
Robert Saunders April 9, 2009
Really fresh, Joe. What a great time you had!
Joe Ciardiello April 9, 2009
I was wearing a black suit Hal. That's as close to a tux as I get.
James Steinberg April 9, 2009
Go Joey C. Wow.
Cathleen Toelke April 9, 2009
Congratulations on such a blast of a job! I'm glad you and Sue got to go to the big night. Perfect.
Michael Sloan April 9, 2009
Great, Joe - really great. I think Jeff Beck is playing tonight and tomorrow in Manhattan.
Drew Friedman April 9, 2009
FanTASTIC! Congrats on such a great gig and job well done!
David Flaherty April 9, 2009
Joe, good gig! U rock.
Zina Saunders April 9, 2009
Congrats on a great job for a great gig, Joe.
Andy Ward April 9, 2009
WOW! This is the stuff dreams are made of - great job Joe, you must have felt 12 feet tall.
Joe Ciardiello April 9, 2009
Andy, if I could feel even 5'8" that would be huge.
Larry Ross April 9, 2009
Great experience to go with a great illustration job! Congratulations, Joe.
John Dykes April 9, 2009
J.C., this is Just too Cool. PERIOD.
Nishan Akgulian April 9, 2009
Wonderful drawings Joe. And what an opportunity to see such great musicians in person.
Cathie Bleck April 10, 2009
I was in NY that weekend-too bad as I would have loved to pick you up at the airport celebrity style in your sunglasses and tux. Look me up next time you come to Cleveland. Your work is fabulous and you deserve all the splendor. I am really glad that the ceremony took place here at the Rock Hall.
Yuko Shimizu April 10, 2009
Ah, a DREAMY DREAM JOB, right there!!
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